About Us

Our company designs, develops and implements data-driven analytical solutions based on the concept of Big Data and provides related services. Our team is an efficient group of experienced data practitioners – solution architects, business analysts, UI/UX designers, data scientists and engineers. Our company was founded in 2010. Till that moment each one of us has already mastered years of data integration, statistics, project management, industrial software implementations. Since that time we grew three-fold and delivered over 15 projects with 100% acceptance and satisfaction rate of our enterprise customers.

What We Do

A focal point in our range of B2B services is a solution to an existing problem that can be identified or predicted based on all available data. It can be a way to acquire new customers, uncover fraud rings, detect data leakages or prevent railroad accidents, but each end-to-end implementation requires a confluence of skillsets. In the world of standardized and packaged products, standard pre-sales and education, standard “everything” – it is hard to underestimate the demand and value of customer-tailored solutions to specific business problems.

That said, our core strengths can be defined as:

  • responsibility for solving an end-to-end problem by involving a right mix of skills and subject matter expertise,
  • rich experience in Big Data Analytics spanning across various data types (text, spatiotemporal, multimedia, structured) and range of tasks (data capturing and integration, statistics & data mining, data governance etc.),
  • streamlined solution delivery method,
  • proprietory Big Data Platform and cluster infrastructure running various accelerators and tools designed to speed up development.

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To contact us please send a brief inquiry decribing your question to the following address or complete the form below: Contact@SensemakingLab.com. Our account representative will get back to you with response promptly.

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