Sensemaking is defined as the process by which people give meaning to experience. In information science it relates to enabling context-aware decision support through analytics. It means that solving business challenges through advanced data mining, context awareness and analytics is the essence of our daily work. It is based on the industry-best and our own custom technologies built around Data Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

The ever growing flood of Big Data solutions nowadays resembles a shoe store with a huge range of shoes, but nothing that fits really well. We produce finely tuned solutions tailored for each individual customer. This is one of the key our differentiators, as we are a multi-disciplinary team of experts in industry solutions, data science, information management and data-centric software engineering.

The Sensemaking Lab works with businesses only and has most domain expertise in banking, transportation and government industries.
Based on our domain and project experience we currently offer the following solutions:

  • Social Media Analytics for Banking Industry
    Signature solution to find new customers in the social media based on their behavioral patterns and deep language analysis

  • Data Leak Prevention
    Enabled with a combination of rules and statistics and a log mining approach, this solution can be quickly and seamlessly deployed to protect your core information assets in real time

  • Predictive Maintenance and Safety
    Initially designed for railroads, the solution enables real-time sensor data collection, monitoring and predictive analytics on required preventive maintenance of infrastructure assets

  • Fraud Prevention and AML
    Banking and payment industry solution that identifies hidden relationships and unusual activity in payments.

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